FINCA Pakistan traces its roots back to 2008 when it started its journey as Kashf Microfinance Bank. The foundation of the Bank was laid on the acknowledgment that access to financial services was also a fundamental right of the people who lack this facility, and that the Bank would provide micro-loans to the hardworking entrepreneurs with minimal collateral requirements. At that time, the Bank started its business through a network of 13 branches – all providing basic deposit and microfinance services to its customers. FINCA Pakistan is the first microfinance bank in the country to receive SMART certification in recognition of its long-standing commitment to clients’protection principles

The Bank became a part of FINCA Impact Finance (FIF) network in 2013. FIF is an international network of 16 microfinance banks serving 2.8 million people that share information, resources, and best practices related financial inclusion. For close to 40 years, FIF’s microfinance banks and institutions have delivered a double bottom line of social impact and financial sustainability.

Currently FINCA Pakistan is providing responsible financial services, such as small loans and savings accounts to millions of clients, through a branch network of 110+ branches across 100+ cities in Pakistan. Over the years, FINCA’s portfolio has grown consistently and has become one of the leading microfinance bank of Pakistan. FINCA has been able to provide a number of loans successfully to help micro-entrepreneurs to become financially stable.

Furthermore, in order to develop digital solutions for deeper financial inclusion, FINCA also introduced FINCA Pay in 2017, a first truly telco agnostic digital wallet in Pakistan and is revolutionizing conventional banking into a wholesome digital banking platform. Leveraging on technology, FINCA has marked a milestone under the vision, FINCA 2.0, digitizing the entire business by re-inventing from end to end. This transformation allows anyone to open a bank account in one minute from their smartphones, regardless of one’s geographical location. Since its launch, FINCA Pay App has attracted more than 800,000 users to its platform.

With modern technology and digitization in our ambit, we at FINCA are progressively moving towards our ambition of alleviating poverty.