Meraj Khalid has always had the drive to succeed as an entrepreneur and to run multiple businesses. For years he owned a service station where his children worked with him, washing and servicing cars and rickshaws. But the revenue from the service station never accumulated into a big enough sum to let him launch a second enterprise.

In 2011, Mr. Khalid discovered Kashf Microfinance Bank Ltd. (now FINCA Microfinance Bank Ltd.). With the 1st loan, Mr. Khalid bought some land and few cows. On part of the land, he operates a parking lot, accommodating as many as 50 cars per day. The rest of the land is reserved for the dairy herd whose milk he sells every day, providing yet another source of revenue. Mr. Khalid says that he and his family used to quarrel about money until he got the breakthrough opportunity to start his own business with the help of the Bank. Now he has put his eldest son in charge of the land and the animals. He himself focuses on growing the service station business, and has hired a neighbors to help him there, creating new jobs in his community. Mr. Khalid and his wife no longer quarrel about money. He has plans to continue expansion, opening more service stations and acquiring more animals.