Malik Amjad has been working since his father’s death when he was a teenager, leaving him responsible to earn money for his family. Without any real skills, he was, by his own description, something of a drifter, unfocused and unproductive, not able to see a clear path forward to financial security. Along with other family members, he ran a small general store; but without financing it was never profitable. Mr. Amjad and his family approached multiple banks for the financing their store needed, but the loan documentation and collateral demands were always too high. Then Mr. Amjad found out about FINCA Microfinance Bank Ltd. FINCA’s staff visited Mr. Amjad’s shop, conducted a detailed analysis of the business, and approved a loan of PKR 40,000 rupees.

With the moral and practical support of a fresh start, Mr. Amjad became focused, putting 100% effort into the vision of success he could finally see. With his renewed energy, and the help of the Bank, the shop has begun to thrive. Before, Mr. Amjad could not afford to send his children to school. Today, his three children are in fifth, sixth, and seventh grade in good schools. Mr. Amjad says he has been able to meet the loan payments easily (his current loan is PKR 150,000), and greatly appreciates the respect and sense of partnership FINCA Microfinance Bank staff have always shown him.

As his shop continues to thrive, Mr. Amjad and his brother have plans to expand and take on additional employees. Mr. Amjad can meet all his family’s basic needs now, and even afford a few small luxuries. He is grateful for the chance to achieve success through his own hard work.