International Remittance

Finca Microfinance Bank, in collaboration with Xpress Money, is now offering all non-resident Pakistanis a fast, transparent, reliable and efficient banking service through which they can send money to their loved ones in Pakistan.

Key Features

  • Receive funds anywhere around the world within minutes.

  • Get money directly in your FINCA bank account from anywhere around the globe.

  • Withdraw cash via FINCA’s PayPak ATM card using any ATM in Pakistan.

  • Enjoy shopping directly using FINCA’s PayPak ATM card against cash received in your account.

  • Get 24/7 Access to your FINCA account through the SimSim Mobile Application.

How to receive funds in your FINCA bank account:

Beneficiary will approach any of the FINCA Branch with original/acceptable Identification, along with 16 digits Code and will provide all relevant Remittance information which includes:

  • Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN)

  • Sender Name

  • Beneficiary Name

  • Amount Expected (10% +/- deviation only)

  • For Pakistani National: Valid CNIC/ Passport

  • For Foreign National: Valid Passport with Valid Visa

  • Date of Birth

  • Phone Number

  • Expiry date of Valid CNIC / Passport

  • ID issuance date

After all required verification process, FINCA bank’s branch officer shall hand over the cash to the customer.
The customer can also ask the branch officer to deposit these funds to SimSim which is FINCA Microfinance Bank’s digital mobile application and provides a wide array of services including Utility Bill Payments, Mobile Top ups, Online Shopping, Food ordering and much more.