FINCA Microfinance Bank and The City School officially entered into an agreement on the proposed SimSim’s Corporate Business Solution for School Fee Collection on 29th September, 2017. Parents of approximately 75,000 students will be benefited through this collaboration as they will now be able to instantly pay their child School Fee via SimSim Mobile Wallet without any hassle anytime from anywhere. For the execution of this project, both parties have been vigorously engaged and have been partnering with each other at different fronts to make this a pronounced success.

The City School planned a Debating Championship 2017, from 11thNovember to 13th November 2017 at its Ravi Campus, in which 60 schools participated. FINCA Microfinance Bank sponsored this event with the aim to create awareness about the School Fee Solution among parents/students. As a part of this event, City School arranged an exclusive interactive session for SimSim Management with Parents, Teachers and Students on 11th November. Mrs. Rukhsana Kausar (Principal, City School Ravi Campus)’s efforts are specifically commendable in ensuring the arrangement of a well-organized event as well as in facilitating the FINCA SimSim’s personnel in every possible manner.

Mr. Tughral A.T Ali, Head of Branchless Banking – DFS, addressed the audience at the session describing the future of digital financial services, particularly the value proposition of SimSim and the importance of cashless revolution in digitization. He also emphasized on the benefits of School Fee Collection through SimSim for the parents. The audience actively participated in the Q&A session with Mr. Tughral A.T Ali (Head of Branchless Banking- DFS), Mr. Furqan Saeed Khan (Senior Vice President – DFS), Mr. Shiraz Abid (Manager Business Integration – DFS) and Mr. Ayaz Rizvi (GM of Studies – City School Ravi Campus). The relevance of the questions portrayed the interest of the audience in the SimSim’s School Fee Collection Solution and represent a worthwhile first step for SimSim.

SimSim kiosks were deployed at four main locations at the City School Ravi Campus along with sales support staff to facilitate approx. 2,200 students base, create awareness and to carry out on spot SimSim activations. There was a considerable influx of prospective customers on the kiosks. It is expected that when the SimSim’s School Fee Collection Solution goes live very soon at the City School, size-able levels of customers will become part of the SimSim’s Cashless Revolution.