Contribution of PKR 2 Million presented to Foreign Minister of Pakistan, Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi
Playing its role in supporting the nation in times of crisis, FINCA Microfinance Bank Pakistan and its employees donated PKR 2 Million to the Prime Minister’s COVID 19 Relief Fund.
This was a part of a local initiative in which FINCA employees contributed a day’s worth of salary towards COVID relief in appreciation of the country’s need in this time of crisis.
Chief Operating Officer FINCA Microfinance Bank, Mr. S.H. Kazi met the Foreign Minister of Pakistan and Vice Chairman PTI, Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi and presented the donation in Lahore on Saturday.
On the occasion, acting CEO FINCA Pakistan, Farid Ahmed Khan said: “FINCA Pakistan encourages its employees to partake in social and humanitarian activities as good corporate citizens”.
While accepting the donation, Foreign Minister of Pakistan and Vice Chairman PTI, Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi admired the spirit of FINCA employees and stressed on the importance of uniting as a nation in combating the pandemic.
“Initiatives like this resonates with FINCA’s vision and mission worldwide of enabling and uplifting communities to meet challenges” said Chief Operating Officer FINCA Microfinance Bank, Mr. S.H Kazi on the occasion.
About FINCA Microfinance Bank
PACRA have affirmed FINCA Microfinance Bank Limited, a Long-Term Credit Rating of ‘A’ and a Short-Term credit rating of ‘A1’ with a “Stable” outlook in April 2020 & May 2020 respectively.
FINCA Microfinance Bank Ltd is one of the leading microfinance banks in Pakistan. The bank is part of FINCA Impact Finance, a global network of 20 microfinance institutions and banks that provides socially-responsible financial services and enables low-income individuals and communities to invest in their futures.
FINCA Microfinance Bank is licensed to operate nationwide through a network of 130 branches in 120+ cities. FINCA Microfinance Bank offers a complete suite of products combined and convenient banking services. The bank offers a variety of loan products specifically designed for individuals running micro, small and medium-sized enterprises.