Business Solutions for Corporates

Apart from consumer based offerings, FINCA is also providing a wide range of business solutions for various corporate segments.


Allows organizations to send bulk payments to their beneficiaries, empowering them with real time, secure transaction settlements into any bank account within Pakistan.

School Fee Collection:

An easy and convenient way to collect fee for various institutions with an added benefit of real time settlement via a corporate portal, integrated through an easy and secure API with no additional charges.

Donation Collection:

Offering free of cost donation solutions to NGOs, SMEs and welfare organizations with easy and transparent tracking of funds.

Salary Disbursement & Vendor Payments:

Provides the convenience of making bulk salary transfers & vendor payments from any part of the world, with just an internet connection. Added benefits include:

  • Complete employee record reconciliation

  • Bulk uploading functionality for digital vendor payments

  • Integrated attendance module with customized features

  • HRMS for employee management

Digital Payment Solution:

A convenient and innovative way for receiving customer payments to various businesses and e-commerce players without any hassle. Available features:

  • In-app payments via Static QRs

  • Payment against consumer/invoice numbers through billers i.e. Govt. Fee & Education Payments, Credit Card Payments