A mobile wallet is a way to carry your financial information in a digital form on your mobile device. Instead of using your physical plastic card or money to make purchases, you can pay through your smartphone.

It allows you to perform the following with your smartphone:

  • Check your wallet balance.
  • Check your transaction mini statement.
  • Transfer funds across FINCA accounts.
  • Transfer funds to any 1-Link/M-Net member bank (IBFT).
  • Mobile Top-ups.
  • Utility Bill Payment.
  • Send Money to Anyone and much more!

For most internet banking services, you need an email and a bank account. We let you open a digital wallet and access your money through a user-led interface. It is completely FREE and lets you manage your money as you wish.

Bill payment service allows you to pay your bills to any biller company for FREE, e.g., PTCL, LESCO, SNGPL, etc. by entering only your consumer number. It will fetch the billed amount for you, allowing you to pay on anyone’s behalf from anywhere at any time. The transaction is secure as you can compare the amount shown in the application with the physical bill. You have complete flexibility and control in making payments.

All you require is the beneficiary bank name, branch code and complete account number, and FINCA App lets you transfer money easily. IBFT from FINCA’s App is FREE!

If you forget your PIN, please call our Customer Care Center on 042-111-111-562, they will generate and send you a new PIN via SMS. You will have the option to change your PIN once you login to FINCA App.

To ensure your transactions are secure, we have the following checks in place:

  • Your mobile number – your financial identity – and device is tagged to the application. You cannot use the application on two devices simultaneously. If you switch handsets/devices, you receive an OTP on the old handset/device before you can use the application on the new handset/device.
  • You need a four-digit static PIN to login to FINCA App, which like any other PIN is confidential and known only to you only.
  • You receive SMS alerts each time you login to or conduct a transaction. In-app notifications are also received for every transaction.
  • You can review your mini statement every time you login to check for transaction history.
  • Timed log-out from the app also keeps your wallet secure.

Adding money is easy and real-time. You can use any of the following methods:

  • Wallet transfer or IBFT (Interbank Funds Transfer) using your phone number as the bank account and FINCA as the bank.
  • Cash in at FINCA Bank.
  • Cash in from any UBL Omni agent.

There are three wallet account levels as per regulations from State Bank of Pakistan with different spending limits for daily, monthly and yearly transactions.

  • Level Zero/Remote Zero [no cash in or cash out is allowed without bio-metric]
    • 25,000 per day
    • 40,000 per month
    • 200,000 per year
    • Maximum Balance Limit = Rs. 200,000
  • Level 1 [after bio-metric]
    • 50,000 per day
    • 80,000 per month
    • 800,000 per year
    • Maximum Balance Limit = Rs. 400,000
  • Level 2
    • Level 2 is determined by FINCA Bank subject to full KYC requirement and bio metric verification according to the risk profile of the customer

We value each user’s privacy and take great care to ensure your data is protected via multiple encryption layers and visible only to you.