April 2018

FINCA committed to gender diversity in Pakistan

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LAHORE: FINCA Microfinance Bank sponsored the ‘Women in Business and Leadership Conference’ (WIBCON) 2018. The conference allowed FINCA a platform to highlight the initiatives it has undertaken to increase gender diversity and encourage women empowerment within the organization.

FINCA collaborates with Karandaaz Pakistan for Women Community Mobilizer Program

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FINCA Pakistan has announced a strategic partnership with Karandaaz Pakistan, a non-profit finance generating organization for small businesses and individual’s financial inclusion. The first of its kind initiative between Karandaaz and a DFSP (Digital Financial Services Provider) – SimSim, will enable a new way of digital financial services in Pakistan.

March 2018

January 2018

FINCA resolves to be digital & data driven in 2018

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Lahore: FINCA Microfinance Bank Ltd, one of the fastest growing microfinance banks in Pakistan, kicked off the New Year with a resolution to become a completely digital and data-driven organisation in the year 2018. The resolution was announced during the Azm-e-FINCA 2018 event, held on the first day of the New Year at the Peeru’s Cafe in Lahore.

December 2017

November 2017

October 2017

FINCA enters into a strategic partnership with ANALYTICS

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Lahore: FINCA, one of the fastest growing micro finance banks in Pakistan, has selected Analytics (Private) Limited (APL) as a strategic partner to power its journey towards becoming a data-driven organization. This partnership will be enabled by IBM’s analytic platform which consists of market leading business intelligence and data manipulation tools.

September 2017

FINCA partners with 1LINK to launch PayPak debit cards

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Karachi: FINCA Microfinance Bank signed an agreement with 1LINK (Guarantee) Limited, the largest inter-bank payment network service provider to issue PayPak Debit Cards. PayPak is the first domestic payment scheme in Pakistan. With this collaboration, FINCA has added on to its portfolio of providing digitized products to its customers.

August 2017

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