FINCA’s DFS Application was launched as the country’s first mobile network agnostic digital payment wallet in July 2017 and is continuously making progress in digitally transforming consumer and corporate profiles by offering innovative and impactful solutions. The product, in its entirety, offers a world of cashless payments under one platform enabling free, frictionless and real-time transactions on the go.

  • Fast and Convenient transactions
  • Free money transfer & bill payments

  • Instant & secure transactions

  • Free interbank funds transfer

  • Online shopping

  • Mobile top-ups for all telecom operators

  • Insurance plans purchase

  • Ease for corporates to do business

  • Tickets for movies, buses and events

  • School fee payments

  • Donations to all major charities

  • Instant loans within seconds

  • Debit cards

  • Scan & pay at merchants for discounts

  • Complete control of bank account